Manufacturer and installer

of steel doors and windows

Create your own design online
Create your own design online
No mass production, but custom ironwork according to traditional methods
All the windows and doors that leave our workshop are handmade according to traditional craftwork techniques and are fully made to measure. Each piece is therefore completely unique.
Only ultra-strong, welded tubular profiles
At Feral, we do not opt for quick installation with steel L profiles or T profiles, but for extremely strong welded tubular profiles. These are less sensitive to torsion and will not deform during installation or during frequent opening and closing of windows and doors afterwards.

The tubular profiles are welded together (TIG welding), hand filed, sandblasted, powder coated (interior joinery) and metallised (exterior joinery) to ensure an uninterrupted and optimal protective layer. This way, the window profiles remain scratch-proof and colourfast as well as weather- and corrosion-resistant.
Each glass surface finished by hand with Belgian putty
We prefer to seal each glass element individually and completely by hand with the high-quality putty Soudal Tradition. This allows us to provide a reliable UV- and weather-resistant seal that does not discolour or crumble under the influence of sun or time. Each window and door side is sealed with the greatest care, allowing the sealant work to dry for at least 48 hours before sealing the other side. This traditional sealing method is our speciality.

If large glass panes have to be mounted on site or if you prefer a very specific colour, we can also fix the glass pane with glazing beads. These can be painted in the desired colour beforehand.
Our profiles, insulation, glazing and drop seals
We have suitable profiles available for every glass thickness. With double or super-insulating high-efficiency glazing, we create optimal thermal and/or acoustic window insulation. We even have profiles with integrated EPDM seals. These ART15 profiles are particularly advantageous in rooms that are not heated permanently and where water tightness is very important (pool houses, for example). Extra-slim profiles that allow maximum natural incidence of light are also highly recommended.

Safety glass can be both laminated and reinforced glass to ensure maximum safety if the glass breaks. Our traditional ironwork can also be finished with frosted glass, decorative patterned glass (cathedral glass) or coloured glass panes.

For steel doors, we use profiles with integrated drops seals that remain invisible in order to guarantee an impeccable appearance.
The entire process managed by us
At Feral, we don't work with subcontractors. The entire process of consulting, measuring, traditional ironwork, installation and even the repairs afterwards are carried out entirely under our own management!
Extremely precise customisation
You may sleep on both ears. Your wrought-iron windows and doors will fit perfectly. After the measurement, we make an accurate technical drawing of each piece. The dimensions and shape of your windows and doors will be adapted to the opening and not the other way around. Even the plinth height is taken into account so that visible hinges also visually end up in the right place.
Tailor-made service for professionals
We do not only supply custom-made windows and doors to private individuals. Professional distributors, construction companies, architects and independent installers of windows and doors also regularly opt for Feral's traditional ironwork. Measurements on site, the delivery of scope statement information and advice during site meetings are always negotiable.