Manufacturer and installer

of steel doors and windows

Create your own design online
Create your own design online

Steel interior doors

At Feral Group we manufacture custom-made steel interior doors in various shapes, sizes and designs. Endless combinations are possible, even meters long partition walls, and high structures are no problem. Our engineers calculate maximum dimensions and carrying capacity. Large and high structures are blindly attached to each other in the profile. In addition to standard revolving doors that open in 1 single direction of rotation, we have specialized over the years in harmonica systems, sliding door systems, pivoting systems, etc.

Steel interior windows and shower windows

With our steel interior windows and fixed panels you can combine maximum light with acoustic and / or thermal insulation. Or did you just want to create more privacy? The possible applications and practical benefits are endless. This also applies to the finishing of the fixed interior windows. The type of glazing, the glass color and the number of subdivisions for larger glass sections to name just a few of the many choice options.